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December 12, 2006 at 08:22:46:

in the past few months I have had a male spirit visit me in early morning hour while I am in bed I was just waking up eyes still closed I felt a touch on my arm and felt something leaning over my head then I heard in a very clear voice and romantic tone I LOVE YOU < I was alone in the house , then the other day I woke up to a hand touching my knee and felt the preasure of some sitting on my bed again I was alone in the house I have had dozens of dream visitations from all my relatives and my frist love that 30 years ago who I have not seen since then, when he crossed over My mother who had died in 2003 brought him to me in a dream to tell me he was on the other side I beleive the spirit who has come to me is my first love I he has come into my dreams to visit me
I never thought the next time I would see him that it would be from the other side he comes to visit me in my dreams When you have a real bond in life it will be there when they get to the other side  

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